With RackTop’s Cyber Relief Program, State and Local Governments Can Proactively Defend Sensitive and High-Value Data

In an evolving era of cyber threats, U.S. state and local government organizations have increasingly become a target of ransomware attacks. In 2020, attacks on the public sector grew by more than 400% amid the pandemic – highlighting the immediate need for a new approach to how state and local governments protect their high-value data from nation-state actors and cybercriminal entities.

Organizations utilizing outdated, legacy-network attached storage or Windows and Linux servers for file shares are particularly vulnerable ransomware targets. More action must be taken before the next major attack causes irreversible damage, potentially putting the general public’s safety or health at risk. In turn, there’s never been a more pressing time to pivot away from these networks in favor of advanced data security solutions that offer unrivaled cyberstorage protection.

RackTop Systems’ BrickStor Security Platform (SP) is exactly that. BrickStor SP’s active defense capabilities can prevent ransomware attacks before they encrypt data, which creates a cyber resilient IT infrastructure for organizations to proactively leverage. Integrated reporting streamlines the discovery of overexposed, stale, or stranded data, while integrated compliance reporting simplifies audits and demonstrates compliance with popular regimes like the NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF). In summary, BrickStor SP enables organizations to better protect their data, understand if they have been breached, and identify what data has been compromised.

By participating in RackTop’s Cyber Relief program, under-resourced state and local governments can rapidly deploy a free subscription to the virtual edition of the BrickStor SP on existing hardware or on the cloud to immediately protect their data with cyberstorage. The program delivers essential, cost-friendly data security time when government entities need it most as they continue to combat ransomware attacks that steal sensitive data and disrupt critical services.

Services offered by the Cyber Relief program include:

  • Free, full-featured BrickStor SP subscription
  • Guided installation assistance and training
  • Up to 380TBs of data storage capacity per VM
  • TDM capacity license to manage data on S3 or other NFS storage
  • Replication and disaster recovery

To be eligible, localized government organizations within U.S. states or territories must commit to a paid subscription that matches the duration of their free subscription period. BrickStor SP takes just 15-minutes to install and includes 24/7 support. Contact us for more details about the program.

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