What is Cyberstorage?

The term Cyberstorage represents new storage and data protection technologies that are designed to actively defend unstructured data from modern cyber attacks.

How to differentiate Cyberstorage products and capabilities

Cyberstorage solutions address the core functions of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. See NIST Special Publication 80-209.

There are three types of Cyberstorage solutions

  • Software based
  • Dedicated appliance
  • Fully integrated with data storage

What makes BrickStor SP different?

BrickStor SP embeds the full NIST Cybersecurity Framework into its Cyberstorage platform to defend data before, during and after a security incident.
Three Stages of a Cyber Attack NIST CSF

BrickStor SP enables organizations to store and protect enterprise data anywhere – at the edge, core, or cloud

BrickStor SP is the only end-to-end Cyberstorage solution with active security to detect and stop live ransomware attacks, insider threats, and data breaches in real-time. The software allows users to instantly recover files that have been affected by data breaches and provides audit-ready compliance reports.  

BrickStor SP is the only Cyberstorage solution that is available as a turnkey NAS as well as a vendor neutral solution that customers can deploy via SAN Gateway or virtual appliance.

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