What is Cyberstorage?

The term Cyberstorage represents new storage and data protection technologies that are designed to actively defend unstructured data from modern cyber attacks.

Exploring Cyberstorage

01. Gartner Defines Emerging Cyberstorage Market in 2021

The new category recognizes the importance of active defense against cyber attacks on unstructured data.

02. What is Cyberstorage? A Proactive Approach to Storage Security

Security is no longer an afterthought in storage systems – it’s essential. And proactive defense is the gold standard.

03. Tech Field Day Cyberstorage Sessions, 2022

Presented at Storage and Security Field Days, the sessions detail why cyberstorage is critical when building a cyber-resilient architecture.

Why now?

Limiting or blocking an attack is always better than recovering from one.

Ransomware risks continue to rise, and the cost of data breaches extend beyond the immediate recovery expenses, lost revenue due to downtime, fines, and damages to reputation. Corporations now face impending regulations with immediate breach reporting requirements.  

Full recovery from backups and snapshots is not always possible. But why? 

  • Most solutions can’t restore to the moments just before the attack 
  • Most solutions can’t identify which files or accounts were affected 
  • Restoring from data backups can be time-consuming and unreliable 


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