Cyberstorage with Seagate and RackTop

A turnkey secure NAS solution to actively defend your data against insider threats, ransomware, and cyberattacks

BrickStor SP: Turnkey Secure NAS

Active Defense Against Cyber Threats

The Challenge

Organizations are becoming increasingly aware of their vulnerability to ransomware attacks due to the aggressive growth in highly visible and operationally disruptive assaults. Because modern ransomware attacks now include data theft—which often leads to extortion—it’s critical to detect any data breach at its earliest stage to stop it before major damage is done. Regulatory controls and rising cyber insurance premiums are forcing organizations to accelerate the adoption of advanced security technology to protect data assets. Considering the lasting negative financial and reputational impacts of a data breach, organizations need to act now to protect their data, reputation, and bottom line.

The Solution

Cyberstorage, a new class of unstructured data storage with active security protections designed to stop modern threats, is an effective answer to this complex problem.

Features & Benefits

  • Stop ransomware attacks in under a second 
  • Prevent data breaches and double extortion attacks 
  • Agentless user behavior auditing analytics 
  • Integrated compliance reporting 
  • FIPS encryption for data-at-rest 


  • Exos® E JBOD 
  • Exos X Fibre Channel and iSCSI SANs 
  • Exos® CORVAULT self-healing block storage system
BrickStor SP platform
RackTop Systems Collaborates with Seagate to Provide a Turnkey Solution for Active Defense Against Ransomware and Insider Threats

“Seagate is excited to collaborate with RackTop Systems by providing enterprise storage systems and Lyve Cloud services to enable its innovative BrickStor SP cyberstorage platform.”

Solution Brief

A Turnkey Solution to Manage and Actively Defend Data

Key Benefits

– A turnkey storage solution with data-centric, zero trust architecture
– Active data storage protection
– Improved business operations
– Strong defense against insider threats, ransomware, and cyberattacks

Seagate RackTop Solution Brief

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