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Cyberstorage for Merative

Pair with Merge health imaging solutions to protect patient imaging from ransomware, insider threats, and data extortion

BrickStor SP: data-centric zero trust

How RackTop enables Merge solutions to adopt a zero-trust data-centric approach

Actively defend and protect medical imaging and patient data by following data-centric zero trust architecture. The solution integrates RackTop’s innovative BrickStor SP cyberstorage product, the only software-defined primary data storage solution that can actively defend against ransomware in real time, into the Merative Merge enterprise imaging solution stack to further minimize cyber risk, combat ransomware, and help preserve patient safety and privacy. Together, RackTop and Merative offer a unique medical imaging and security offering that operates within a data-centric zero trust architecture for end-to-end protection of critical healthcare data assets.

Protect Patient Data and Reduce Cyber Risk Across Healthcare with Merative and RackTop

“Our partnership with RackTop will enable us to pair our industry-leading VNA with RackTop’s industry-leading BrickStor Security Platform, to create a more secure longitudinal repository of imaging data with zero trust security.”

See it in Action

Stop a Live Ransomware Attack on Medical Imagery

Watch how BrickStor SP detects and stops a simulated ransomware attack on medical imaging in real time.

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