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Implement Zero Trust Data Security

BrickStor SP provides a Zero Trust data security architecture that enables healthcare organizations ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of all electronically protected health information that the covered entity either creates, receives, maintains or transmits. In addition to providing two layers of encryption for data in flight and at rest, BrickStor SP provides unique auditing and user behavior profiling capabilities to control access to data and detect anomalous or suspicious behavior early for a rapid response.

Meet Electronic Health Records (EHR) Requirements

Our customers see the benefit of increased performance storage performance, automatic data protection and encryption, and effortless data management. BrickStor eliminates the worry about storage and backup administration as well as regulatory compliance and reporting. All of the data is encrypted with FIPS 140-2 Certified AES-256 encryption with zero impact to performance.

Leverage Virtual Desktops for Providers

Allow staff to have secure access to critical information which follows them room to room and location to location. Virtual desktops lower support costs and improve operational inefficiencies resulting in improved patient care and outcomes. Virtual desktops enable you to meet the data security and resiliency requirements of the healthcare industry.

Information Exchanges

RackTop’s data ecosystem uniquely delivers a cost-effective way to securely exchange information with providers, partners, insurance companies, and researchers. RackTop’s scalable solution addresses the healthcare industry’s top data management and storage challenges including data retention, data protection, compliance, and integrity – all while eliminating complexity.

Picture Archiving Communications Systems (PACS)

BrickStor integrates with Picture Archiving Communications Systems (PACS) partner solutions to give you anytime, anywhere access to patient data. Our scalable storage platform is ideal for medical imaging and diagnostic data – for applications including Health Information Exchanges (HIE). Our platform help providers retrieve images for faster, more efficient caregiver collaboration and improved diagnoses.

Archive and Records Disposition

Automated data protection and retention policies ensure data is backed up and replicated in accordance with policy. Data can also be expunged on a records disposition schedule. RackTop’s high density low power arrays ensure cost effective solutions for backup and archive.

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