Cyberstorage for Federal Deployments

BrickStor SP effectively stores, manages, and protects data with a data centric Zero Trust Architecture to meet the distinct needs of the Federal government

Military Grade Encryption and Data Storage Solutions

Years of inside DoD cybersecurity experience led us to create solutions which meet the distinct needs of the Federal Government. BrickStor is accredited to operate and ready for immediate deployment by the Federal Government, civilian community, and the contractors who support them.

Use Cases

Handle the ingest and simultaneous playback of multiple concurrent high-definition video streams with BrickStor. BrickStor’s hybrid architecture and caching with read ahead prefetching leverages drives in very dense multi-petabyte arrays for lower power consumption. Reduce the TCO of storing and retaining data while protecting the integrity and chain of custody of the data.

Protect sensitive, classified, and mission critical data. BrickStor’s data protection policies ensure data is versioned and replicated in accordance with policy and regulations to quickly restore after a security incident or natural disaster. Security features within the operating system protect against cyberthreats, unauthorized use, and insider threats. BrickStor SP offers two layers of FIPS 140-2 encryption without impacting performance in the spirit of the Commercial Solutions For Classified (CSFC) data at rest protection profile. BrickStor SP also includes features to rapidly erase or lock data in tactical environments.


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