Data Management for Finance

Financial services firms face exponential data growth, evolving regulations, increased cyber threats, and fluctuating customer demands. Keep your data protected and compliant while delivering your employees and customers secure access from anywhere.

Intelligent, Compliant Storage and VDI for Financial Services

Audit-Ready Compliance

Focus on what matters, not on red tape, with fully compliant and audit-ready data management for FINRA and SEC.

Data Management & Protection

Built-in data protection policies to provide advanced data protection against natural disaster and cyber threats. Immutable snapshots and user behavior profiling are perfect for compliance as well as protection against Ransomware.

Remote Access

Fast, global 24/7 access for every member of your team, no matter where they work, with centrally managed controls.

Seamless Scalability

Quickly integrate new employees and customers into your organization, IT infrastructure, and processes.

Security and Stability

Sensitive and/or confidential business data is safely stored, encrypted, protected and managed.

Our solutions address the precise requirements of the financial industry. Contact us to learn more.

Virtual Desktops for Trading Securely and compliantly conduct business from anywhere. VDI on BrickStor SP delivers the end user experience, regulatory compliance, and cyber security to enable real time market trading. Brokers prefer virtual desktops with RackTop because of the performance and their ability to connect from any authorized device. The compliance department appreciates the quicker and easier audit from regulators. Executives appreciate the lower total cost of ownership and the ability to deliver better services for their customers.

Web Collaboration Securely share files among the team and with clients securely with BrickStor SP’s Secure GFS feature set. Files can be hosted on BrickStor SP instead of externally which creates multiple copies of the same file, requires more data transfers, limits flexibility and increase TCO. Secure GFS enables users to share files over the web and allow for secure web drop areas for customers to upload files and documents from their computer or mobile device.

Secure Data Management and Storage Financial services organizations must collect and analyze more sensitive data and with greater speed than ever before. BrickStor SP delivers defense grade security with simplified data management and compliance. Built in data protection policies ensure data is managed and protected in accordance with each organization’s business policies. Reduce your overall IT costs with myRack’s simplified management solution and BrickStor’s efficient data storage.

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