Cyberstorage for Financial Services

End-to-end protection for primary unstructured data against ransomware and insider threats

BrickStor SP: Features and Benefits

Keep your data secure and compliant with built-in data protection policies that ensure data is managed in accordance with your organization's compliance requirements.

Audit Readiness & Compliance

Eliminate the challenges of FINRA, SEC, and SOX compliance with strong native access controls and robust auditing, logging, and reporting. BrickStor Security Platform’s integrated reports can be generated on demand or delivered to your inbox.

Data Management & Protection

Implement business-driven data protection policies to ensure data is always insulated from operational errors, cyber attacks, and natural disasters. Immutable snapshots with end-to-end data integrity ensure previous versions of files can be rapidly recovered.

Scalable, Secure and Stable

Quickly and securely integrate new employees and customers into your organization. Sensitive and/or confidential business data is safely stored, encrypted, protected and managed.

Secure Remote Access

Fast, global, 24/7 secure remote access for every member of your team, no matter where they work, with centrally managed controls.

Leading Use Cases

Quickly deploy and scale on demand

Immutable Records Retention for Compliance

RackTop’s ImmutaVault is a cyber vault with a cryptographically secure data manifest. Data stored in a vault can be cryptographically verified, without being exposed to a user or auditor, to ensure the chain of custody from the time of ingest into the vault up to any point in the future. Vaults can be configured with data retention and destruction policies that align with regulatory requirements.

Cyber Vaulting for Assured Recovery

Cyber vaulting is an advanced recovery strategy designed to address the worst-case scenario, in which an organization’s most critical data and components, including its normal backups, are affected by a ransomware or wiper attack. BrickStor can deliver a cyber vaulting strategy with less systems required and a much faster recovery time objective. In fact, BrickStor can clone PB’s of data for use in an air gapped clean room in seconds.

Protect Sensitive Customer Data

Assure the confidentiality of your customers’ sensitive data with BrickStor’s active defense technology. The solution stops data theft from cyberattacks and insider threats instantly. BrickStor’s user behavior auditing and analysis monitors user and application access to provide real time visibility in order to eliminate the possibility of silent data exfiltration. BrickStor can also provide real time and historic user activity monitoring to prevent and detect fraud and abuse.


How Florida Peninsula Insurance leverages BrickStor for active protection from ransomware and insider threats

Our client significantly improved data security, recoverability, and compliance to effectively manage and monitor data.

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