BrickStor SP on HPE

RackTop’s software defined Cyberstorage solution, BrickStor SP, is a secure NAS platform for unstructured data enabling any organization to implement a data-centric zero trust architecture.

Available for all markets in the United States and Canada through HPE Complete

Secure HPE NAS Platform for Unstructured Data

Organizations using legacy network attached storage or Windows and Linux servers for file shares should immediately consider implementing HPE hardware with the BrickStor Security Platform (SP) for critical and sensitive data. BrickStor SP’s built-in data management features increase security and performance while reducing the complexities of data management. Its revolutionary user behavior technology significantly improves the way organizations protect and monitor data usage. Integrated reporting makes it easy to discover over-exposed, stale, or stranded data. These tools enable organizations to defend against insider threats and stop any cyberattack before it is too late.

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Solution Brief:
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