Cyberstorage for Manufacturing

Defend intellectual property and operations from ransomware, insider threats and data extortion

BrickStor SP: Features and Benefits

Deploy BrickStor SP’s defense-grade industrial cyber security to protect your organization’s data like it’s a national secret

Cyber Resilience

BrickStor’s granular access and active defense capabilities provide unprecedented resilience to ensure continuity of operations before, during, and after an attack – no matter how long it persists. BrickStor’s data-centric zero trust architecture isolates attacks, stops malicious users and applications from accessing data, and enables trusted users to continue normal operations.

Data Protection

Implement business-driven data protection policies to ensure data is always insulated from operational errors, cyber attacks, and natural disasters. Immutable snapshots with end-to-end data integrity ensure previous versions of files can be rapidly recovered.


RackTop’s memory-based architecture ensures organizations can leverage always-on security without sacrificing application performance or user experience.

Built-in Compliance

Eliminate the challenges of regulatory compliance with strong native access controls and robust auditing, logging, and reporting. BrickStor Security Platform’s integrated reports can be generated on demand or delivered to your inbox.

Leading Use Cases

Quickly deploy and scale on demand

Protect Intellectual Property

Intellectual property like research and designs are the crown jewels in manufacturing. Outsourced manufacturing must also protect this confidential information. If stolen, it could lead to the demise of both businesses. BrickStor’s patent-pending active defense technology stops data theft from cyberattacks and insiders before it is too late. The security platform’s user behavior auditing and analysis monitors user and application access to provide real-time visibility and prevent the possibility of silent data exfiltration.

Support IoT and Automation

The management and security of automation and AI-driven manufacturing data has never been more critical. BrickStor provides a high performance secure location for data that supports automation including designs, logs, and troves of unstructured data. BrickStor can also scrutinize connections from IoT devices and embedded systems that support legacy and less secure file protocol to prevent them from being an attack vector for the hacker.

High Data Availability

In manufacturing, downtime leads to lost revenue. BrickStor SP assures high data availability and cyber resilience even while under attack. The security platform contains and isolates malicious users and applications while allowing normal operations to continue – so your organization can stop destructive data-oriented attacks instantly. The platform’s built-in incident management workflow enables organizations to restore the system and operations to their pre-attack state in minutes.


ESG Technical Validation Report: Proactive Cybersecurity for Unstructured Data with RackTop

The BrickStor Security Platform was evaluated for protection from ransomware, data exfiltration, and malicious insiders. Download the report to learn how these features can reduce risk within your organization.

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