Cyberstorage for State and Local Government

BrickStor SP effectively stores, manages, and protects data with a data-centric Zero Trust Architecture

Public Sector Data Management Solutions

RackTop's Cyberstorage platform enables state and local organizations to continue providing critical services while defending against cyberattacks. BrickStor SP is scalable to meet the needs of government organizations of any size. The platform can reduce the total cost of ownership related to storing, managing, and protecting government data.

Use Cases

Handle the ingest and simultaneous playback of multiple concurrent high-definition video streams with BrickStor. BrickStor’s hybrid architecture and caching with read ahead prefetching leverages drives in very dense multi-petabyte arrays for lower power consumption. Reduce the TCO of storing and retaining data while protecting the integrity and chain of custody of the data.

Government organizations handle the most sensitive information including PII and other financial records.  BrickStor SP was designed with security in mind and handles all of the facets of protecting critical data. Data protection policies ensure data is versioned and replicated in accordance with policy and regulations ensuring data can be restored after a cyber attack or natural disaster. Security features within the operating system protect against cyberthreats, unauthorized use, and insider threats. BrickStor SP provides encryption for data at rest and in flight 100% of the time. With user behavior auditing you will have consistent records of who accessed what files and data.


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