Cyberstorage for State and Local Government

Store, manage and protect data with the BrickStor Security Platform's data-centric zero trust architecture

BrickStor SP: Features and Benefits

RackTop's cyberstorage platform enables state and local organizations to continue to provide critical services even while defending against cyber attacks.

Built-in Compliance

With strong native access controls, robust auditing and built-in compliance reports, it is quick and easy to ensure you are maintaining good cyber hygiene for your data. BrickStor SP allows you to effortlessly demonstrate compliance with the NIST Risk Management Framework.

Granular Access Controls

BrickStor SP provides robust and granular access controls to limit access to data based on location and identity. The platform can be tied into Zero Trust identity solutions and supports multifactor authentication.

Speed & Reliability

BrickStor’s data-centric zero trust architecture provides speed and reliability to support the most critical operations and demanding workloads.

Secure Supply Chain

RackTop offeres the only BAA and TAA compliance storage array. Leverage a secure supply chain to ensure protection against malicious firmware, software and hardware implants.

Leading Use Cases

Quickly deploy and scale on demand

Video Surveillance

Handle the ingest and simultaneous playback of multiple concurrent high-definition video streams with BrickStor. Hybrid architecture and caching with read ahead prefetching leverages drives in very dense multi-petabyte arrays for lower power consumption. Reduce the cost of storing and retaining data while protecting the integrity and chain of custody of your files.

Log Data

Use BrickStor SP for long term log retention in support of Splunk, Elasticsearch, or other custom log repositories. BrickStor’s autonomic healing and protection against data degradation make it ideal for storing TBs to PBs of information without the data corruption that is common with traditional hardware RAID solutions. Hybrid architecture enables the ingestion, search, and replication of log data to meet government security and compliance needs.

Virtual Infrastructure

Continue consolidating and virtualizing infrastructure with storage capable of handling random IO with low latency. BrickStor SP delivers performance, scalability, and ease of management with the lowest total cost of ownership through its hybrid architecture, data protection policies, and software defined architecture.

Securing Sensitive Data

Protect sensitive, classified, and mission critical data. BrickStor’s data protection policies ensure data is versioned and replicated in accordance with policy and regulations to quickly restore after a security incident or natural disaster. Security features within the operating system protect against cyber threats, unauthorized use, and insider threats. BrickStor SP offers two layers of FIPS 140-2 encryption without impacting performance in the spirit of the Commercial Solutions For Classified (CSFC) data at rest protection profile. BrickStor SP also includes features to rapidly erase or lock data in tactical environments.

Forensic Evidence

Store data from law enforcement for analysis and strictly monitor who has accessed the data. Our 128-bit file system can even handle emoji characters in the file name.

Cloud Services

Government organizations leverage the cloud with BrickStor SP to meet data center consolidation mandates. BrickStor SP enables a hybrid cloud strategy while ensuring security and compliance requirements are continually satisfied. Deploy BrickStor SP in one of the government clouds or with one of our FedRAMP partners.


ESG Technical Validation Report: Proactive Cybersecurity for Unstructured Data with RackTop

The BrickStor Security Platform was evaluated for protection from ransomware, data exfiltration, and malicious insiders. Download the report to learn how these features can reduce risk within your organization.

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