One Powerful Platform, Many Deployment Options

Leverage Existing SAN Capacity or Start Fresh
Deploy on Premises, in a VM, or in the Cloud

BrickStor SP is a full featured enterprise data storage solution that can be tailored to fit your performance and scaling requirements no matter how big or small.

Turnkey Appliance

Deploy BrickStor SP pre-installed on RackTop provided hardware.

BrickStor SP appliances are scalable solutions that can be dropped into your infrastructure and working in minutes. BrickStor SP comes in scalable tailored configurations.

Virtual Appliance

Deploy BrickStor SP's virtual edition in your infrastructure or the cloud.

With the virtual addition organizations can replace Windows and Linux file servers with an easy to manage, secure cross platform solution. The virtual edition is full featured and is available by subscription.

BrickStor supports:

• Google Cloud (GCP)
• Nutanix AHV
• VMware

SAN Gateway

Leverage Block/SAN Capacity for NAS

Many organizations have a need for Network Attached Storage since 80-90% of the world's data is unstructured. With BrickStor SP organizations can connect to block capacity via iSCSI or Fibre Channel (FC) to create high performance, highly available, secure NAS capacity.


Explore IBM FlashSystems with Cyberstorage Architecture

Cyberstorage solutions from RackTop and IBM provides unified block and file services that also detect and prevent attacks on your data before they can impact your business. Regardless of the workload, your data is safe without sacrificing performance, security, or compliance. Deploy via SAN Gateway or BrickStor Virtual Edition.

Deploy on HPE

Leverage the security and reliability of HPE

RackTop has partnered with HPE to offer BrickStor SP as part of the HPE Complete program. BrickStor SP can be deployed in all the ways above while leveraging HPE servers and SANs.

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