Cyberstorage from IBM and RackTop

RackTop’s software defined Cyberstorage solution, BrickStor SP, is a secure NAS platform for unstructured data enabling any organization to implement a data-centric zero trust architecture.

Data-Centric Zero Trust Architecture Solutions for IBM

Leading IT analysts say traditional network-attached storage (NAS), scale-out file systems, and backup solutions provide inadequate protection from modern ransomware, malicious insiders, and data theft. A Cyberstorage solution built by RackTop for IBM not only provides unified block and file services but also detects and prevents attacks on your sensitive data before it impacts your business. No matter the workload, your data is safe without sacrificing performance, security, or compliance.

Pair IBM FlashSystem offerings with BrickStor SP to stop cyber threats in real-time
BrickStor SP platform
Cyberstorage Architecture with IBM & RackTop
Explore the benefits of leveraging BrickStor SP and IBM FlashSystems to stop cyber attacks and threats.
Deploy via SAN Gateway or BrickStor Virtual Edition.
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SAN Gateway Deployment

Virtual Deployment


  • Data-centric zero trust architecture
  • Software defined storage security
  • Ransomware prevention with rapid remediation
  • Stops insider threats and data theft
  • Alert and stop unusual file access activity
  • Advanced user behavior auditing and analysis
  • Compliance-ready (SOX, NIST, RMF, HIPAA)
  • Encryption and key management
  • Integrates with SIEMs, SOARs and 3rd party APIs
  • Automatic incident reporting
  • End-to-end data integrity
  • Immutable snapshots and data copies
  • Hybrid cloud storage capabilities

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