Proactive Data Protection and Data Backup

Choose Cyberstorage to actively defend sensitive data from ransomware, insider threats and extortionware

BrickStor SP: Data Protection and Data Backup

How it works

BrickStor employs data protection policies that create space efficient immutable snapshots of data. It allows organizations to restore the entire dataset instantaneously back to a previous version or restore individual files from a previous snapshot.  

Data protection policies are defined by the organization and automatically associated with each storage profile. These policies go into effect automatically when a dataset is provisioned to prevent unprotected data. Data protection policies set how frequently snapshots are taken, how long they are retained in the local instance and on replicated instances. 

The snapshot interface in the GUI provides an interface to allow admins to restore files for users without seeing the contents of the file. Metadata within snapshots is indexed to enable admins to quickly locate and restore files for users. Snapshots can be replicated to other BrickStors for disaster recovery and continuity of operations (COOP) in other locations. 

BrickStor enables customers to clone a snapshot to create a modifiable live version of the snapshot. This doesn’t require any additional storage capacity and can be accomplished nearly instantaneously. This enables organizations to enact a DR or COOP plan in minutes. 

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