Cyberstorage for Education

An all in one platform for data management in higher education

Active Defense for Your Institution’s Most Valuable Data

Support virtual education as well as government funded research

RackTop provides affordable, unique and efficient solutions to comply with your cybersecurity and FERPA compliance requirements. Available as an on premises solution or a cloud service.

Cyber Relief for Education

Implement Quickly and Scale On Demand

CMMC Compliant Data Management

Educational institutions receiving funding from the DoD will be required to achieve a CMMC certification from a third party. BrickStor can help you achieve up to a level 5 certification.  Security and compliance features are built into BrickStor for optimal storage performance and enable your institution to comply with strict controls while facilitating an HPC or research environment with minimal IT administration requirements.

Classroom and Lab

Leverage BrickStor through virtual desktops to provide access to instructional materials and other virtual content delivered by applications and virtual infrastructure. Students and instructors can connect into the learning environment from anywhere. Users can leverage their preferred device to connect to their virtual desktop. RackTop’s solution supports geographically dispersed students and asynchronous learning activities.

Learning Management System

Easily combine Learning Management Systems (LMS) with RackTop infrastructure to have a complete solution for high performance virtual environment that supports simulations and training on the most cutting edge technology. Leverage BrickStor’s instasnap and instaclone technology to enable rapid module creation, implementation with minimal storage capacity and set up time. RackTop provides the flexibility of this solution as on premises appliance in the cloud.