Cyberstorage for Media

A data security platform for unstructured data

Actively defend your most valuable media files from ransomware and insider threats

BrickStor SP: Features and Benefits

An intelligent secure storage solution for media files

Data Management

With BrickStor, you can manage all of your data and systems from a single UI. Manage and forecast capacity for efficient growth.

Data Protection

Built-in data protection policies with daily reporting and FIPS 140-2 AES-256 encryption make MPAA and SOX compliance hassle free.

Long-Term Storage

Securely archive and retrieve data on premises or in the cloud. Keep all of your data online at a price that you can monetize for more profit.

Data Visibility

Visualize data activities in real time so that you can identify storage bottlenecks, application performance hogs, and operational patterns.

Speed & Reliability

Productivity without limits – get more done, faster, with unified hybrid storage and data management that keeps pace 24/7.

Workflow Optimized

BrickStor is designed to fit into your workflow. Improve operational efficiency and decrease job completion times. Leverage our API to integrate BrickStor SP into your workflows.

Leading Use Cases

Quickly deploy and scale on demand

Visual FX

BrickStor’s efficient hybrid architecture supports Visual FX applications’ IO intensive workloads. It services a majority of IO requests in this environment from RAM with sub-microsecond latency. Graphical performance monitoring allows admins to view the impact of applications and operations on the storage so admins know when its time to scale up and out. BrickStor’s combination of RAM, NAND, and hard drives result in a highly performant and cost-effective data storage solution.

Render Farm

Rendering creates a bursty high random IO workload on data storage. BrickStor’s architecture delivers low latency IO for multiple concurrent render jobs. BrickStor’s software defined hybrid storage architecture leverages massive amounts of RAM as your primary cache and eliminates hot block bottlenecks so your team can process jobs sooner. BrickStor’s unified storage architecture allows render nodes to connect via SMB 3, NFS or iSCSI.

Video Storage

When supporting high definition video resolution it is critical to use a storage solution that is scalable, cost effective, and simple to manage without a dedicated staff. BrickStor delivers simple cloud connected storage with effortless data backup and retrieval. The solution supports up to 100Gb ethernet interface speeds to deliver more bandwidth to each disk – ensuring that bandwidth is available to support more concurrent video streams.

Post Production

BrickStor SP’s unified storage solution provides high performance storage for both streaming and random IO workloads to support editing suites. BrickStor uniquely supports SMB 3 with Apple File Extensions, NFS, and iSCSI. BrickStor delivers high performance storage and data management to increase productivity by eliminating user waiting and downtime while providing greater system visibility to admins.


ESG Technical Validation Report: Proactive Cybersecurity for Unstructured Data with RackTop

The BrickStor Security Platform was evaluated for protection from ransomware, data exfiltration, and malicious insiders. Download the report to learn how these features can reduce risk within your organization.

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