Data Management and Security Solutions for Energy

Defense-grade industrial cyber security to protect your data like it’s a national secret

Flexible Deployment Options

The BrickStor Security Platform (SP) can protect and move data at the edge, the core, or in the cloud. Deploy in the field as a ruggedized solution or a small virtual machine. Available on-premises solution or as a cloud service.


Cyber Resilience

BrickStor’s Zero Trust architecture with granular access and active defense capabilities provides unprecedented resilience to ensure continuity of operations before, during, and after an attack – no matter how long it persists. BrickStor’s architecture isolate attacks, stopping malicious users and applications from accessing data, while enabling trusted users to continue normal operations.

Data Protection

Implement business-driven data protection policies to ensure data is always insulated from errors, cyberattacks, and natural disasters. Immutable snapshots with end-to-end data integrity ensure previous versions of files can be rapidly recovered.


RackTop’s memory-based architecture ensures organizations can leverage always-on security without sacrificing application performance or user experience.

Built-in Compliance

Eliminate the challenges of FERC compliance with strong native access controls and robust auditing, logging, and reporting. BrickStor Security Platform’s integrated reports can be generated on demand or delivered to your inbox.

Use Cases

BrickStor’s data ecosystem is cost-effective with massively scalable capacity for archival use.

Securely store lidar imaging of power transmission lines and gas pipelines. BrickStor SP is a high-performance secure data storage platform that can support long-term storage of raw data and models with end-to-end data integrity and granular access controls.

The nation’s critical infrastructure requires the highest levels of data integrity, availability, and security. BrickStor SP’s secure self-healing data storage ensures continuity of operations, so your data is protected from cyberattacks led by criminals, terrorists, and enemies of the state.

BrickStor’s high-performance and reliability supports seismic interpretation and decision-making applications. Data protection policies enable simplified compliance for applications without requiring any additional licensing or staff. The unified data ecosystem supports both on premises and cloud solutions to simplify your enterprise data management and lower total cost of ownership.

Featured Case Study

How Florida Keys Electric Cooperative Safeguards Data From Ransomware

Learn why the electric utility provider selected RackTop’s BrickStor SP for real-time visibility and cyber resilience.

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