Energy Sector Data Management Solutions

A complete data ecosystem offered as an on premises solution and a cloud service. Whether its helping to implement Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) initiative, compliance monitoring or oil and gas exploration our ecosystem is the most agile, scalable and economical solution. The amount of data required to be compliant and make better decisions is growing exponentially in the energy sector. RackTop makes it easy to manage, protect and utilize that data.

Our solutions enable efficient operations enabling admins, operator and executives to make better informed decisions. We are reducing the effort and number of people required to manage and protect your data so that you can put it to work.


Built-In Compliance

With strong native access controls and robust auditing, logging, and reporting compliance is no longer a burden.


Data Management

Manage your data across the globe from a single pane of glass. Data visualization tools enable informed decisions and forecast future needs.


Data Protection

Business driven data protection policies ensure your data is always protected against errors, cyber attack and natural disasters.



RackTop’s high performance architecture ensures analytics and databases operate at maximum efficiency and users are always productive.


Remote Access

Access data securely from the field, a customer location, or anywhere so that decisions can happen rapidly and operations are not delayed.

Learn how RackTop can help you solve your data management and utilization challenges.

Highlighted Use Cases

Seismic Data

BrickStor delivers high performance and reliability for your seismic interpretation and decision-making applications. BrickStor and the data ecosystem can deliver deliver low-cost, massively scalable capacity for archival. BrickStor’s Data Protection Policies enable simplified compliance for these same applications without requiring any additional licensing or staff. A unified data ecosystem supporting both on premises and cloud solutions simplifies your enterprise data management and lowers total cost of ownership.

Critical Infrastructure

The power grid and other operations that are essential to national security require the highest levels of data integrity, availability and security. BrickStor OS delivers the most secure self healing data storage to ensure operations go as planned and are well protected against cyberattack from criminals, terrorists, and enemies of the state. Combined with myRacktop secure cloud RackTop’s data ecosystem is the perfect data management solution for critical systems.