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Identify, protect, detect, respond and recover from cyber attacks in real-time

RackTop's Complimentary Jumpstart Program

In 15-minutes you can deploy data-centric zero trust security and protect your most at-risk data

BrickStor SP was designed and built by NSA cyber experts to defend your unstructured data from the most advanced threats of tomorrow. At the core, in the cloud, or at the edge, RackTop enables you to store, secure, and share your data regardless of the deployment scale or location.

Traditional server and NAS file shares lack the insight, security protections, and cyber intelligence to withstand the onslaught of attacks IT professionals face today. In three easy steps you can validate the solution for your environment and change that forever.

The Process

1. Complete the form for access to the portal to download your virtual machine
2. Complete training on-demand or schedule installation with an engineer
3. Deploy to your favorite virtual environment, HCI cluster, or the cloud

Details and Requirements

  • 90 day no commitment subscription
  • Deploy up to 2 virtual machines
  • Each VM requires 4-8 vCPU and 32-64GB memory
  • 100GB-5TB recommended available capacity
  • Maximum storage license per VM is 380TB
  • Fully featured and licensed BrickStor SP (base license)
  • Includes TDM active secure tiering to S3 and NFS remote systems
  • Supported virtual environments include all major converged and hyperconverged hypervisors
  • Program is limited to verified organizations in North America