Why are commonly relied upon security bolt-ons for network attached storage ineffective?

Bolt-on third-party software solutions are intended to enhance the security of unstructured data, file shares, and network attached storage. However, the flaw in these security solutions is that they are not fully integrated with data storage at its core.  

Integration challenges

  • Bolt-on security solutions are often added to existing systems without deep integration. They act as add-ons rather than being an integral part of the NAS architecture. These bolt-on security measures may not fully align with the NAS system’s design, leading to gaps in protection. 

Complexity and configuration

  • Bolt-on security measures introduce additional complexity for IT administrators who must configure and manage both the NAS system and the security add-ons. These misconfigurations and incomplete setups can leave vulnerabilities especially when many organizations fail to fully deploy and configure the security software. 

Lack of native integration

  • Native security features are better integrated into the NAS. Bolt-on solutions may not fully leverage the NAS’s capabilities, leading to suboptimal protection. 

Delayed updates and security patches

  • NAS vendors prioritize system stability and performance over security updates. This priority misalignment can leave data vulnerable and exposed to threats. 

Limited visibility

  • Bolt-on security tools do not have deep visibility into NAS-specific activities. They may miss critical events or fail to detect abnormal behavior. 

Scalability challenges

  • As NAS systems expand, bolt-on solutions struggle to scale efficiently. Native security features are better equipped to handle scalability within large-scale deployments. 

User behavior and awareness

  • Bolt-on security can’t directly address user behavior. External user behavior software is susceptible to delays and latency into activity insights. The fidelity of information that can be log shipped to an external security tool is severely limited.  

False sense of security

  • Many organizations rely solely on recovery software after a destructive ransomware attack. However, these types of bolt on solutions don’t address data theft detection and prevention. Without a holistic approach to protecting data at its core, catastrophic vulnerabilities will persist. 

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