Protecting Your Data: Understanding Cyber Attacks and Insider Threats 

What makes a cyber attack successful? Data theft. According to Security Boulevard, 91% of modern ransomware attacks exfiltrate data first and extort victims for payment afterwards. With all of the tools that organizations have for data security, how many can ensure that unstructured data is protected from data theft?

In this Cybersecurity Chat with Louisiana Technology Group (LATG), Lee Domangue details the steps in the kill chain of ransomware attacks and highlights the characteristics of some notorious malicious insiders. Research indicates that 66% of organizations view insider threats as more likely than external attacks (Tech Jury), yet most organizations don’t have the tools in place to stop insider threats from occurring. The webinar includes a simple demonstration of how an insider’s data exfiltration attempt is stopped in real time using RackTop’s active defense technology.  Presented by:

    • Phil McManamon, Network Engineer, NSE7 at LATG
    • Lee Domangue, Digital Transformation Consultant at LATG
    • Chris Charette, Cyberstorage Ninja at RackTop
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