BrickStor Version 21 Includes New Security and Compliance Enhancements

RackTop customers can take advantage of new security and compliance enhancements with the BrickStor Version 21 release.

BrickStor’s latest SMB 3 support includes controls to ensure maximum security of the protocol.

  • Users can configure BrickStor to require protocol encryption and reject SMB clients that don’t support encryption.
  • The SMB implementation supports AES-based signing algorithms and secure protocol negotiation between the client and BrickStor.
  • Users can disable weaker protocol versions, such as CIFS/SMB 1, to eliminate attack vectors.

BrickStor now includes new High Availability enhancements that provide better data availability with faster failover times and improved network segmentation capabilities for security.

  • Version 21 provides support for multiple VNICS within a single resource group, which allows for more flexible configurations and enables the use of multiple physical network interfaces, VLAN tags, and aggregates per resource group. When combined with other existing granular access control features, BrickStor provides even more logical and physical segmentation for security.
  • Users can label VNICs with useful names for better organization and avoidance of human errors that could lead to network exposure.

Version 21 includes support for the latest version of the SafeNet KeySecure Key Management platform. With this enhancement, BrickStor can use FIPS 140-2 level 3 protected keys.

BrickStor now includes compliance reports for Dataset Encryption and Share Encryption. These reports are available through the encryption category in the Compliance Reports section of myRack Manager, which boasts 25 categories of customizable reports.

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