Cyberstorage: A Proactive Approach to Storage Security in Enterprise Storage Forum

The term Cyberstorage was reintroduced in Gartner’s latest Hype Cycle report about Storage and Data Protection Technologies.

Jenna Phipps of Enterprise Storage Forum spoke with our CEO, Eric Bednash, about our proactive approach to defending unstructured data from breaches like ransomware and insider threats.

“Cyberstorage is the next evolutionary milestone for unstructured data storage,” Bednash tells Enterprise Storage Forum. “The bad guys maliciously encrypt and steal data, and traditional NAS and object systems were not designed to protect against that threat. Reliance on passive protections and data backups are only going to deliver more disappointment and financial loss. The only way to combat today’s data security issues are with a unified smart solution that minimizes attack vectors, detects and stops attacks as they happen, and can recover quickly. Cyberstorage is that solution.”

Read the article here.

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