RackTop Simplifies Secure Virtual Air Gap Process with ImmutaVault™ for Guaranteed Availability, Security, and Validation of Critical Data

Designed for infrastructure & operations teams with security requirements, RackTop’s new patent-pending cyber vault technology deploys on the BrickStor Security Platform to reduce the complexity of building isolated recovery environments for protecting immutable copies of critical data

RackTop Systems, a leading and innovative provider of security-driven data storage solutions, has announced ImmutaVault, a new secure virtual air gap technology for organizations who must ensure data availability and security in the event of a cyber-attack and who seek alternatives to building costly and complex isolated recovery environments.  

ImmutaVault is delivered as a secure virtual air gap that provides guaranteed isolation and immutability of critical production data as a compliment to the BrickStor Security Platform’s real-time active defense against cyber threats. With RackTop’s patent pending technology, your organization will benefit from safeguarding data with physical air gap-level protections without actually disconnecting network cables to maintain security and isolation. ImmutaVault reduces your organization’s threat window by optimizing your workflow with faster and more frequent data transfers, which eliminates the risk and compromise that comes with a traditionally connected system. Rogue admins are prevented by protecting vaults through RackTop’s unique data ownership and privilege management scheme. Compliance is simplified with one-click data integrity checking, cryptographic validation of vault contents, and source system chain of custody.  

In the event of a cyber attack, RackTop’s ImmutaVault can improve data availability by at least 10x more than competing solutions.

“ImmutaVault further strengthens BrickStor SP’s ability to provide customers with strong data recovery and remediation guarantees without having to send the data to an external platform,” says Eric Bednash CEO at RackTop Systems. Combined with RackTop’s active defense, this enables for smaller threat windows and a return to service that can be measured in seconds.” 

ImmutaVault is available in the BrickStor 23.6 release. Interested organizations can enroll in RackTop’s complimentary Jumpstart program to explore the full features of the platform with support free, for 90 days.  

About RackTop Systems 

RackTop Systems, a leading and innovative provider of data security solutions in the cyberstorage market, is headquartered in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Products are distributed through a nationwide group of value added reseller and managed service provider partners across the US and Canada. Learn more at www.racktopsystems.com.

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