RackTop Announces BrickStor SP Version 23.6 for Active Security and Immutable Cyber Vaulting

RackTop’s latest BrickStor SP release includes several big improvements and one marquee feature that will change the game for cyber vaulting

BrickStor SP 23.6 is the latest installment of the industry’s leading Cyberstorage offering, and it brings substantial improvements to core performance, scalability, stability, and expansion of features.

The SMB server received an overhaul to its queueing and threading architecture, which better takes advantage of high core count processors for optimal workload distribution. These were married with some critical security improvements to align with Microsoft Windows client changes, as well as some bug fixes and manageability improvements for systems with thousands of simultaneous users.

Another area of improvement was Active Defense, which received a few additional AI models for new attack variants, and well as improved congestion control and resource management when systems are under heavy load.

The operating system and supporting services were updated with some new hardware and driver support, tighter operator security controls, and multiple bug fixes. High availability continues to be an area of improvement, and this version includes multiple architectural improvements as part of a multi-release overhaul. You’ll find faster failover times and improved visibility through transitions in this release, with even more improvements on the horizon. Lastly on the OS side is a very neat evolution in a rather mundane topic – logging. Release 23.6 brings detailed structured logging support for all services, and an innovative log analysis tool which allows for faster dissecting and aggregation of all logs on the system. This makes finding the root cause of an issue a breeze without having to export data to an external SIEM or log analysis tool. This is another feature which will see more expansion and improvement over coming releases.

One of the bigger changes in this release is a total architecture overhaul of transparent data movement (TDM), which allows customers to transparently move data into S3 storage systems while still protecting it from ransomware and other data oriented attacks. TDM is a major focus as more customers are looking for ways to seamlessly securely leverage cloud archives, and will receive a new major extension or improvement over the next few releases. In 23.6, TDM is exponentially faster and uses a fraction of the resources it did in the past. Stay tuned for more excitement to come in 23.7.

Lastly, 23.6 brings with it ImmutaVault™ – a game changing patent pending feature which shortens the threat window and substantially improves data availability for cyber vaulting. ImmutaVault is uniquely different in that it not only provides guaranteed data immutability, but also includes important regulatory compliance features such as data attestation, chain of custody, and separation of control (i.e., data owner versus operator/admin super-user). It’s an active air gap, which means that through RackTop’s patent pending technology it provides the same level of protection as a physical air gap without having to be physically disconnected. Organizations will experience improved vaulting workflows and faster return to service times as a result. To top it off, ImmutaVault is managed through HUB, which is RackTop’s newest user experience platform set to launch in 23.7. Customers can get a sneak peek of the many improvements HUB brings a few months ahead of official release.

If you are a current customer, BrickStor SP 23.6 is available in the cloud portal or through myRack manager now. And if you are not, then what are you waiting for? Click here to request a Jumpstart and start protecting your data today!

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