Cyberstorage for a Cyber-Resilient Architecture at Storage Field Day 23

RackTop’s cyberstorage sessions were presented live at Gestalt IT‘s Storage Field Day 23 #SFD23 to a panel of independent delegates. The interactive sessions are highly engaging and now available on demand.Storage Field Day Logo

CEO and co-founder, Eric Bednash leads with the big question, What is Cyberstorage? And why you need it to build a cyber-resilient architecture. This quick overview of RackTop’s cyberstorage technology explains why data storage and security must be unified for a cyber-resilient infrastructure.

In Software Defined Cyberstorage with Data-Centric Zero Trust Security for Active Defense Against Ransomware, Jonathan Halstuch, CTO and co-founder, details why RackTop is the only end-to-end cyberstorage solution built on the CISA zero trust model. BrickStor’s active security features detect and stop ransomware attacks and data theft in real time with audit-ready compliance reporting. Halstuch’s product overview covers several use cases and deployment models.

In the last session, Secure Unstructured Data from Ransomware with RackTop’s BrickStor Security Platform, Dave Hughes, Director of Sales Engineering, leads a technical demonstration of RackTop’s active defense features, showing how BrickStor SP can actively defend your data and stop cyber attacks in real-time. User behavior analytics provide real-time alerts so you can shut down the compromised account and keep business running as usual for the rest of the organization. No one is above scrutiny, not even your admin.

Want more? Don’t miss us at Security Field Day #XFD7 on March 24.

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