Active Defense Protections on Cloudian S3 Object Storage

What if you could have a NAS delivery of true S3 object storage, intrusion protection, preemptive data monitoring and immutability with one unique solution? With RackTop and Cloudian, you can. Deploy RackTop’s BrickStor SP and Cloudian’s Object Storage for a unique Cyberstorage platform that protects your organization’s data from internal or external threats.

Using BrickStor SP as a secure NAS gateway to front Cloudian S3 object storage provides SMB and NFS write and read capability while enabling Cloudian storage to leverage BrickStor’s Cyberstorage capabilities. In this data-centric zero trust architecture, BrickStor serves as a high-performance front end and uses its Transparent Data Movement (TDM) feature to create a placeholder, or stub file, on the local NAS (consisting of the metadata from each file) while moving the remaining data to the Cloudian object storage appliance.

By transparently moving the data to Cloudian, end users and applications get to extend the use of the high-performance NAS tier while moving less important (or least accessed data) to a more efficient tier of storage. This solution stores the bulk of data on the Cloudian appliance while only storing the metadata on the NAS, providing for cost effective unstructured data storage with advanced security to stop all forms of data exfiltration and ransomware attacks in real time, while also providing immutable snapshots of all data for guaranteed recoverability. This integrated solution delivers Cyberstorage with enterprise class S3 object storage for greater durability and greater efficiency with unparalleled value.

BrickStor Demo: Transparent Data Movement on Cloudian S3 Object Storage
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