Why regulations and audits aren’t enough to protect against cyber threats

RackTop’s data security platform enables critical infrastructure organizations to protect their sensitive data from advanced and evolving threats.

The Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack exposed the urgent need for organizations to recognize that malware and cyberattacks are a business issue that must be understood and mitigated. In recent weeks, the Federal government has been urging U.S. companies to take ransomware seriously and has recognized the need for updating cyber regulations. The government also recognizes that most organizations are not adequately prepared to take on the financial and technical challenges that come with the new era of cyberthreats – which have shown they are capable of taking down critical operations and supply chains.

But regulations and audits alone aren’t enough to ensure protection against cyber threats. Information technology architectures and access protocols are diverse and unique to organizations, industries, and geographic locations. This makes it challenging for generic guidance and security controls to be effective. In the case of Colonial Pipeline, the operators worried that the ransomware might spread to their financial systems which is why they shut them down.

Organizations that are part of critical infrastructure need to implement a cyber resilient IT architecture that can protect all their data and enable them to continue operating critical systems throughout the stages of an attack. RackTop’s data centric approach to cybersecurity enables users protect their data like it’s a national secret. When files and unstructured data are stored on the BrickStor Security Platform they get data security from zero trust architecture for data at the edge, the core, or in the cloud. It’s a safe haven for data that can drop into any IT architecture. By focusing on the data, rather than the network, you can minimize the problem which reduces the variety in how you apply data security.

Learn more about Active Defense and how BrickStor SP can integrate within your existing infrastructure to provide immediate data  protection.

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