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What is Cyberstorage? – Eric Bednash of Racktop Systems – #98

Security threats are growing every day. Protecting the crown jewels of an organization is a challenge. Historically, we have protected the perimeter. More recently we have been looking deeper into the environment adding layers of defense, but storage has always been difficult to secure.

Chris Brandt and Sandesh Patel welcome RackTop Systems’ CEO Eric Bednash on the FUTR podcast. RackTop has a Cyberstorage system that they say can stop a ransomware attack in less than a second. This is storage designed explicitly around security, and they have attracted a lot of security conscious organizations and three letter agencies that have a vested interest in aggressively protecting their data. This is storage that goes well beyond just encrypted drives. So let’s talk with Eric to find out what Cyberstorage is and how it works.

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