Roundtable: Gestalt IT

People Don’t Realize How Insecure Their Storage Is

Most people assume that storage systems are secure, but security is not necessarily part of the design for most storage systems. In this episode, sponsored by RackTop SystemsMarc Staimer and Arjan Timmerman are joined by Eric Bednash and David Hughes of RackTop to discuss the real state of storage security. Although cybersecurity professionals have processes and directives in place in many spots within modern IT infrastructure, most do not have robust security practices within the domain of storage. RackTop sees this as a “doors and windows” problem, with a misplaced sense of perimeter security that does not match modern architecture. How do we secure storage in modern environments? The key to RackTop’s solution is to monitor the behavior of file access and use this to infer their motives and act to intervene. The system then acts based on policy to set up an active defense of the data accessed through the BrickStor security platform.

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