Solutions Review Tactical Roundtable

KnowBe4 + HYCU + RackTop Systems Ransomware Roundtable

One effective way to recover from a ransomware attack is with an effective backup strategy. Having a clean backup unaffected by the ransomware attack provides a safe way to recover without having to pay the demanded ransom. But how can you recover from backups if they are encrypted as well? This roundtable will explore four tactics to keep your crown data jewels safe and practical steps to recover from a ransomware attack using backups.

  • Immutable and air-gapped backup technology
  • Redundancy, resiliency, and recovery
  • Integrity, testing, and being prepared
  • Incident response plans to prove an organization can recover from an attack

Featuring an in-depth panel discussion amongst four industry experts, the Tactical Roundtable is an expert panel discussion focused on solving strategic enterprise challenges. The 60-minute virtual event is moderated by an independent industry analyst, with a topic introduction hosted by Solutions Review – all broadcast live to an audience of registered attendees. Learn more about the latest technology software and solutions from the comfort of your own desk.






David Loshin – Data Strategy Consultant @ Knowledge Integrity, Inc.
Featured Speakers:
• Dave Byers – Senior Field Technologist @ HYCU
• Erich Kron – Security Awareness Advocate / Technical Evangelist @ KnowBe4
• Will Crittenden – Technical Evangelist @ RackTop Systems
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