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In a series of Tech Talks published on Gestalt IT, several IT influencers take a deeper look at some of the top business use cases for deploying RackTop’s technology, BrickStor SP.  

The series begins with Girard Kavelines’s piece, RackTop Systems: The Cost of Inaction Without Security Driven Reaction. Girard considers what could go wrong when you can’t get your organization to buy-in to active data security – even when ransomware costs are projected to surpass $265B. Doing nothing can risk your reputation, overburden your team, and result in loss of business and downtime. However, with a solution like BrickStor you can quickly launch a data-centric zero trust architecture to protect against threats.

In BrickStor: Because Restores Are Too Slow Evan Mintzer reviews some of the most common issues associated with recovering from backups. Depending on how frequently your organization backs up you’re always at risk of losing some data. But how much downtime can you tolerate when it comes to actually restoring the data from backups to get back into production? How would you be sure that the latest backup was not affected by the security event? Did you know that BrickStor enables you to proactively monitor and defend data in real time so that you can immediately identify and shut down the affected accounts for quick recovery?  

Andy Banta reviews the capabilities and characteristics of BrickStor’s Secure Storage With Flexible Deployment options. This is a great resource for anyone who’s interested in learning more about how easy it is to deploy BrickStor SP, and why you might choose a certain deployment model. As Andy states, “whether you deploy as a virtual appliance, a turnkey appliance, or SAN gateway, you get the same level of data security and services.” 

And finally, Zoë Rose takes a look at Cyber Hygiene: Embedded Controls and Identifying Normal Before Incidents Take Place. In a time where industries with sensitive data are subject to high regulatory requirements, how do you ensure security and privacy needs are met? Address all three phases of a cyberattack with a solution that embeds the full NIST Cybersecurity Framework into its Cyberstorage platform to identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover from threats and data breaches.

View live interactions with these and other influencers in our archive of the Security and Storage Tech Field Day events from March 2022 on our blog.

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