Scarce Resources

What is an IT professional or entrepreneur’s most scarce resource? According to Peter Drucker, the father of management theory, it is time. Time is completely inelastic and no matter how high the demand goes for your time your supply stays the same. You can’t store it up and when it’s gone it’s gone. Until now, RackTop has developed…just kidding. Since time is your scarcest and only truly irreplaceable resource what can be done to help you use it effectively? Well Simplified IT solutions can certainly help.

When the right IT architecture and framework is planned from the beginning achievements and outcomes can be cheaper and more effective than a spiral or waterfall approach. RackTop has baked in features that are leveraged by each guest application and that is part of what makes RackTop products a superior solution to a typical application you would by and integrate yourself.

We want to minimize if not eliminate tasks that can be automated and built into our product offerings. RackTop recognizes that simple can be a better value than the super powerful all encompassing IT Solution. Don’t be sucked into the feature rich hype of other products. It may be a lot of time wasted trying to get the giant solution to fit into your problem space. Figure out what your business needs most and find the solution to that problem. I think you will find that RackTop offers the best value solution!

We create and sell PurposeBuilt Computing. A computing solution designed to solve your specific problem.

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