Hi. We’re RackTop.

Welcome to RackTop. We’re embarking on this journey to help make IT simpler and more effective for business. I know that probably sounds like the mission statement of hundreds of other IT companies. And while they, like us, all share the same desire to do what’s best for our customers, the tools with which to realistically accomplish that goal are sparse. The technology field is focused on providing more capability with faster equipment and more feature rich software. That’s where RackTop is different. We’re focused on building solutions which are just the right size, solve the business problem, and can be implemented quickly with as little effort as possible.

We’re kicking that off with a solution to address one of the most undervalued and neglected areas of IT: data backup. It’s an area which is so crucial but yet rarely addressed with due attention. We make it a lot easier to put effective, secure, and cost realistic data solutions in place.

Thanks for checking us out. We have big plans and a handful of new products on the drawing board this coming year. Keep in touch.


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