Is the most common ransomware strategy also the worst?

In a recent GigaOM survey 50% of respondents indicated that they were relying on snapshots and backups to protect against ransomware attacks. It’s not surprising because 99% of storage providers propose this strategy as an efficient way to quickly recover from ransomware – but they fail to go any deeper than that. Simply recovering your data isn’t enough to protect it. The latest ransomware exploits are focused on stealing or exfiltrating potentially sensitive files that organizations would not want released to the public. The threat of exposure motivates victims to pay even when they have the means to recover the encrypted data from snapshots and backups. And so, the ransoms get paid to the tune of $20 Billion in 2020. 

Beyond snapshots and backups with BrickStor Security Platform

BrickStor SP combines multiple data protection and active defense technologies to not only address data recovery but also to detectalert and stop an attack in flight. Immutable snapshots and replicated copies cannot be altered by a ransomware attack, and active defense capabilities detect data exfiltration and encryption stages of a ransomware attack that often go days, weeks, or months undetected. BrickStor SP can be configured to immediately disable the offending account and the source IP accessing data, and kick off a workflow which notifies the IT team and Security Operations Center (SOC) through an incident report. With the incident report, the SOC can quickly see what was accessed and see what account(s) and machine(s) were attributed to the attack. With that information the SOC can swiftly respond and take those machines off the network to remediate the situation before it spreads. 

Recovery is not enough, detect and stop cyberattacks

Ransomware attacks are more likely to affect your organization than a natural disaster. Do you have a strategy that includes more than recovery? Take it a step further with RackTop’s active defense approach. BrickStor SP enables your storage system to become an integrated part of the security infrastructure while protecting your most valuable asset, the data, from being exposedWith BrickStor SP you can detect and stop cyberattacks as well as quickly recover. To put it in perspective, storing your data on anything other than BrickStor SP is like buying a new car without antilock brakes, airbags, and seatbeltsSure, your car insurance will replace the car if you are in an accident, but  the risk of loss or injury is so great you would never accept it. So why then would you accept the same risk of loss when it comes to your organization’s data?

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