Data Centric Zero Trust Security at Security Field Day 7

RackTop’s cyberstorage sessions were presented live at Security Field Day 7 to a panel of independent delegates.

These videos address today’s top data security issues from a data oriented perspective. Cyberstorage technology goes deeper than access controls and identity protections to address what happens when an external threat becomes an internal threat.

Our sessions begin with CEO and co-founder, Eric Bednash explaining What is Cyberstorage? Why You Need Data Centric Solutions to Solve Data Centric Security Problems. This 12-minute video breaks down RackTop’s award-winning cyberstorage technology and details why data security and storage technologies must be aligned to build cyber-resilient infrastructures.

Jonathan Halstuch, CTO and co-founder, presents Data-Centric Zero Trust Security for Unstructured Data. In this session Jonathan explains why putting the active defense security controls where the data is stored eliminates threat vectors, cost and complexity.

RackTop is the only end-to-end Cyberstorage solution. BrickStor’s active security features detect and stop ransomware attacks and data theft in real time with audit-ready compliance reporting. BrickStor SP meets all requirements of the data pillar in the CISA’s Zero Trust Maturity Model. Halstuch’s product overview covers how it eliminates security blind spots and gaps in most organization’s data center infrastructure. The presentation includes a live demonstration of RackTop’s active defense features against insider threats and ransomware attacks.

View all of our Tech Field Day sessions on YouTube.

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