Why CyberConverged?

The CyberConverged™ data security market is the fusion of the traditional data storage and cyber security markets. Historically, cyber security solutions were focused on protecting networks, while data storage systems were not considered vulnerable to security threats. In the modern enterprise, however, explosive data growth combined with new compliance regulations and increasing security threats have created a challenge where data is at risk if it is not thought about in this converged context. Adversaries steal data, not networks, and traditional data storage systems lack the sophistication and controls to adequately protect data where it is stored.

A CyberConverged approach to storing data provides the most efficient and effective means to protecting unstructured file data from insider threats, malware, and cyber attacks. With a CyberConverged storage solution, advanced persistent threats can be stopped from exploiting the gaps between external compliance solutions and data storage because full-access privileged accounts are no longer necessary. CyberConverged™ security offers several key benefits over a legacy n-tier security, compliance and storage bolt-on approach by providing better performance, greater security, and lower TCO.

Today’s enterprise environment is facing a perfect storm of security, compliance, and extensive data growth, and a traditional network based “outside in” approach to implementing security will not be sufficient to protect our most critical data assets and intellectual property. CyberConvergence addresses this storm at its core, and is an “inside out” approach to implementing security. This will enable enterprises to also gain enhanced benefits such as immediately detecting changes in data access behavior, alerting or stopping data attacks in real-time, ensuring created data is authentic, and cryptographically destroying data which is no longer needed.

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