What to Do When Not Enough Server Storage is Available

It could be that you are just out of space and need to delete records to create storage space but it would be more helpful to take a systematic approach to fixing your situation.

There are two distinct and related solutions to solving the problem of not enough server storage space.  The first solution is a NAS or Network Attached Storage device. The second part is the use of a data backup solution that can archive records and keep change only copies of files so you aren’t forced to keep several copies of a document or ledger.

Using local storage on a server hinders collaboration, scalability and flexibility.  By choosing to implement a NAS solution like BrickStor from RackTop you are likely to reduce your overall storage costs by having a centralized storage solution which can be easily managed and maintained.  As more storage space is required you can easily add capacity to a BrickStor to grow up to PB’s.  Not ready for a PB of storage? No worries, you can start with as little as 8TB but you will probably go for 15TB once you see the price. By creating a centralized storage space you can enable different applications to grow as they need to rather than having to max out each server to handle the potential capacity requirements.

BrickStor space saving features include:

  • Inline Data Deduplication
  • Inline Compression
  • Thin Provisioning

If you have already run out of available server storage space or you are about to, contact RackTop today. A RackTop subject matter expert will provide you with the details and experience you need to make the right decisions.

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