What backup solutions get wrong about ransomware

What’s the biggest surprise to data backup customers?

Many organizations are using the same tools and methodology to protect their data from natural disasters as they do cyber attacks. Find out why this approach is completely flawed and doomed to fail. 

Natural disasters are generally neither preventable nor unstoppable.  An organization must architect an environment that can operate in the face of data destruction or the total loss of sites. They require a reactive response to an impending threat and the ensuing disaster. The organization, your customers, and your partners will generally have empathy when operations are impacted by a natural disaster. 

Cyber attacks on the other hand are manmade, making them preventable and stoppable. An organization should be proactive against these threats and not reactive to the attack and breach. A surprising number of organizations rely on using backup software, a solution focused on recovery after a disaster, as their main solution against ransomware. The probability of your organization being affected by a cyber attack is at least 10X higher than experiencing a devastating natural disaster. But backup solutions don’t protect primary data against ransomware – and they can’t defend your data from being stolen. Cyberstorage solutions protect primary data and backup data against natural disasters and all varieties of cyber attacks. 

So, if you are creating a risk register and considering the likelihood and severity of cyber attacks like ransomware, data breaches from an insider, or a natural disaster, you should immediately prioritize an easy-to-deploy solution like Cyberstorage. 

Cyberstorage efficiently addresses all three phases of a cyberattack before, during, and after the attack. Products like the BrickStor Security Platform (SP) enable organizations to reduce the risk of successful attacks and even stop attacks in real time with Active Defense. BrickStor SP delivers cyber resiliency during an attack and will quickly identify any files that were affected during the attack. And in the case of a double extortion ransomware attack, BrickStor SP will defend the data against both data theft and malicious encryption. And guess what? BrickStor SP can even provide those backup and DR capabilities at the same time through immutable snapshots and network efficient replication. With BrickStor SP, you are protected against both cyberattacks and natural disasters. Avoid surprises after a cyberattack.  

Ask these questions to your back-up provider:  

  1. Can your backup solution stop the theft of primary data? 
  2. Can your solution single handedly stop a ransomware attack against  primary data? 
  3. Can your solution provide a speedy timeline for full recovery from ransomware? How many GB/s per day?  
  4. Can your solution identify what data was exposed after an attack?  
  5. Does the ransomware warranty protect from the most common source of attacks, like phishing? Does it guarantee how soon data will be recovered? 
  6. How does it protect against insider threats to data?
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