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RackTop TV: GDPR Basics for Business

Ron Gula of Gula Tech Adventures and Eric Bednash from RackTop Systems discuss why GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation, has been in the news a lot lately and why it’s a big deal in the United States.

Repercussions can be up to 4% of revenues – which is a staggering fee and very significant for companies of any size.

What can you do about the 72 hour disclosure period after cyber incidents when it may be weeks before you realize that there has been a breach in the first place?

Two of RackTop’s specific technologies help address that. Our embedded user-behavior capability constantly monitors the system and tracks the way that users access it; thereby allowing you to detect anomalies quickly and with a high degree of accuracy. Additionally, our continuous reporting feature provides insight before and after an attack (or exposure). Allowing you to provide the information you need to meet disclosure requirements.

Together with Seagate, RackTop has developed the SDP2 drop-in solution to address encryption, reporting, and user behavior all based on top of a high-performance solution while answering both NIST 800-171 and GDPR.

Special thanks to Ron and Cyndi Gula for participating in this series.

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