Seamless Cyberstorage Adoption: Flexible Deployment Options and Simplified Management

RackTop’s BrickStor Security Platform (SP) is the only software-defined data storage platform on the market that can actively defend unstructured data from ransomware and insider threats. However, BrickStor SP’s key differentiators extend beyond its unrivaled Cyberstorage features and data-centric Zero Trust architecture. Unlike other systems, BrickStor SP features a frictionless deployment process that enables customers to hit the ground running with powerful data security regardless of their industry, compliance requirements, staffing challenges, or existing hardware infrastructure.

In an era where multivendor configurations and complex management processes have become the norm for enterprise-grade solutions, RackTop offers a single solution that is user friendly, open standards based and compliant with the latest data and cybersecurity regulations. With flexible deployment options and simplified day to day management, BrickStor SP empowers organizations with the agility they need to build cyber resilience within an escalating threat landscape.

Flexible End-to-End Deployment Options for Edge, Core and Cloud

Organizations must be able to safeguard their unstructured data no matter the storage environment. So when it comes to Cyberstorage, a complete solution with storage, security and compliance in a single product the gold standard. BrickStor SP software can be deployed in three different ways to meet the unique needs of individual organizations and industries.

  1. SAN Gateway Cyberstorage: The BrickStor SP SAN Gateway is best suited for customers looking to get more out of their existing SAN storage investments such as HPE, IBM, EMC or Pure. By integrating BrickStor SP in a SAN Gateway mode, customers can front-end existing block-based storage into a unified data management platform that serves secure file shares as well.
  2. Turnkey Cyberstorage: The BrickStor SP turnkey appliance is best suited for customers in need of a total overhaul to their core legacy NAS platforms. Pre-installed on RackTop-provided hardware, BrickStor SP appliances are available in scalable tailored configurations to immediately provide real-time security and compliance auditing embedded within an organization’s hardware infrastructure.
  3. Virtual Appliance Cyberstorage for Hyperconverged, Cloud or Hybrid-Cloud: The BrickStor SP virtual edition is well suited for customers with edge, cloud and hybrid-cloud computing storage needs. It enables organizations to collapse and replace legacy, error-prone Windows and Linux file servers to immediately provide data-centric Zero Trust security to the edge and cloud. It can be deployed on top of existing hyperconverged infrastructure, as well as within AWS and Microsoft Azure.

The BrickStor SP solution is designed to fit performance and scaling requirements without sacrificing its cutting-edge features. Consider it one powerful platform with several deployment options – delivering real-time Cyberstorage defense when and where it’s needed.

Simplified Day to Day Management

At RackTop, we wholeheartedly believe in serving as more than just a vendor to our customers. By leveraging BrickStor SP, you’re officially a Racktopian – and we’ll treat you like it from day 1. That means white-glove installation, comprehensive training, and 24/7 technical support to help troubleshoot any challenges. And above all, it means simplified day-to-day management for your team. BrickStor SP was designed with ease of use in mind, offering a user-friendly data management interface.

The solution’s integrated data compliance reporting enables users to lessen the burden of complex compliance processes with dozens of reporting templates – such as HIPAA, NIST or CMMC – as well as customizable search parameters and automated email distribution. It also streamlines the process for data archive and records disposition, regulatory compliance and reporting, and data protection. The simplified processes empower enterprises to more efficiently demonstrate when data has been damaged or deleted, as well as generate automated reports to demonstrate continuous compliance for audits, investigations, government regulations and more.

For more information on how to adopt BrickStor SP and safeguard your unstructured data, contact us today!

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