Protect Your Data and Your Business from Ransomware with BrickStor

The messages and methods vary for a typical ransomware attack scenario but they all share the same common traits. The malware prevents the user’s access to the infected system, and a demand for payment. Unfortunately, it’s a scenario that plays out more and more frequently these days and it is usually not just one users system that gets infected and effected but whole organizations. Most recently The Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center was infected with Ransomware that crippled the hospital’s computer systems. They paid the $17,000 ransom and were lucky enough to regain access to their systems which isn’t always the case after paying the ransom.

These malicious applications can make it onto an organization’s systems through a variety of paths including emails, infected files on portable media like USB sticks, and web sites. And while end point security solutions, spam filters, and network security solutions are all valuable defenses in the fight against ransomware data protection provided by BrickStor can be your last and best line of defense against malware that is too new to be caught by those other solutions.

BrickStor includes data protection policies that automatically snapshot data on your BrickStor. Data protection automatically creates a space efficient  point in time version of the data. This means that if your organization does get infected with Malware you can roll back to a snapshot from before the infection occurred and eradicate the malware.  This can happen in just a few minutes and it can all be done through myRack an intuitive graphical user interface. This means your organization remains productive and you aren’t forced to reward the criminals and pay a ransom.

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