Nyriad and RackTop Systems Partner to Revolutionize Secure File Storage

AUSTIN, Texas & FULTON, Md.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nyriad® and RackTop Systems today announced a strategic partnership, uniting RackTop’s industry-leading BrickStor SP cyberstorage platform with Nyriad’s groundbreaking UltraIO™ GPU-accelerated storage system. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the evolution of file storage solutions, as it combines the unique capabilities of both companies to deliver exceptional levels of data security, performance, resilience, and efficiency.

“Our partnership enables customers to benefit from our GPU-accelerated storage system, fortified with RackTop’s powerful and secure data services, protecting their most sensitive information from cyber threats.”

The integration of RackTop’s BrickStor SP and Nyriad’s UltraIO GPU-powered storage architecture establishes a robust and reliable platform for safeguarding data from modern cyberattacks, offering a secure enterprise file location accessible via SMB and NFS protocols and enabling secure unstructured data services. With an unwavering focus on performance, resilience, and efficiency, the combined solution empowers customers across virtually every industry, including healthcare, financial services, law enforcement, video surveillance, education, and more, to protect valuable data from the evolving cyber threat landscape.

A key differentiator of the revolutionary solution is RackTop’s BrickStor Security Platform which continually evaluates trust at the file level, while Nyriad’s UltraIO storage system ensures data integrity at the erasure coded block level. This unique approach dynamically protects data during all three phases of a ransomware attack. BrickStor SP grants or denies access to data in real time without any agents, detecting and mitigating cyberattacks to minimize their impact and reduce the blast radius. Simultaneously, the UltraIO storage system verifies block data integrity and dynamically recreates any failed blocks seamlessly, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

In addition to an active security architecture, RackTop’s comprehensive compliance reporting capabilities provide peace of mind to organizations, offering customizable reports mapping directly to the NIST 800-171/53 data access control standards, among others. This ensures compliance with industry regulations, including CMMC, SOX, HIPAA, FINRA, and more. Furthermore, RackTop’s searchable database of file access transactions enables administrators to track access, investigate data lineage, and demonstrate data heritage, further enhancing data governance.

The combined solution not only delivers advanced protection against cyberattacks, data theft, and data extortion but also offers consistent and high performance, scalability, and management simplicity. Nyriad’s UltraIO system powers business-critical applications with fail-safe data availability and flash-level performance, increases productivity with true operational simplicity, and reduces the time required to complete complex projects by up to 35 percent. Its GPU-accelerated erasure coding provides high throughput, resiliency, and efficiency in file and block storage. The combination of features empowers organizations to effectively manage massive amounts of data, servicing multiple workloads on the same system while maintaining optimal performance.

“We are excited to partner with RackTop Systems to provide a groundbreaking storage solution that enhances data security and addresses the evolving challenges of the digital era,” said Derek Dicker, CEO, Nyriad. “Our partnership enables customers to benefit from our GPU-accelerated storage system, fortified with RackTop’s powerful and secure data services, protecting their most sensitive information from cyber threats.”

“We are delighted to partner with Nyriad to provide a solution that is leading in security, performance, and value to meet the extreme demand for proactive security for file storage,” said Jonathan Halstuch, CTO and co-founder, RackTop Systems. “Through this collaboration, we provide customers with an easy to manage data storage solution that can actively defend data against zero day attacks, advanced persistent threats, and extortionware.”

The Nyriad and RackTop partnership offers a compelling solution for business-critical, security-minded workloads across virtually every industry. Together, they provide an integrated, tested solution that empowers businesses to navigate the evolving cybersecurity landscape confidently.

Large Health Sciences University and Research Hospital Use Case

Nyriad and RackTop recently joined forces to enhance the performance, efficiency, security, and cost-effectiveness of a prestigious health science university’s e-Learning applications and video surveillance systems.

The university aimed to streamline operations, ensure data security, and provide a seamless user experience within budgetary constraints. By leveraging the capabilities of UltraIO and BrickStor SP, the university sought to optimize data storage, maximize return on investment (ROI), and comply with stringent healthcare and education regulations. Powered by GPUs and advanced algorithms, the UltraIO storage system delivered consistent high performance, provided efficient usable space per terabyte, and minimized total cost of ownership (TCO) for its large-scale storage projects.

By consolidating multiple workloads onto the combined Nyriad and RackTop solution, the university can simplify management, enhance user experience, and align with regulatory requirements. The selection of UltraIO and BrickStor SP followed a rigorous evaluation, with the combined solution outperforming alternatives in terms of data security, price, capacity, and performance. With this innovative storage technology, the university can now effectively support its educational and security initiatives while maximizing ROI.

For more information about the partnership between Nyriad and RackTop Systems, please visit: https://www.nyriad.io/ultraio-data-storage-for-racktop-brickstor-sp.

About RackTop Systems

Since its founding in 2010, RackTop Systems has led a transformative approach to data protection by creating Cyberstorage that aligns with a new era of data-driven cyber attacks. Engineered by U.S. Intelligence Community veterans, RackTop’s best-in-class BrickStor security solution follows a data-centric Zero Trust model that empowers the public and private sector to actively defend their sensitive unstructured data from the escalating presence of ransomware, insider threats, and nation state-sponsored cyberattacks. To learn more, please visit: https://www.racktopsystems.com.

About Nyriad

Nyriad® has developed the world’s first GPU-accelerated storage system, unleashing the power and speed of GPUs to accelerate business outcomes with an exceptional combination of affordable high performance, resilience, and simplicity. The Nyriad UltraIO™ storage system offers flash-level performance at a fraction of the cost, protects business-critical workloads with failsafe data availability, and delivers true operational simplicity across applications such as media and imaging, backup and recovery (DR), high performance computing (HPC), and active archiving. With Nyriad, organizations can accelerate innovation and gain the competitive advantage necessary to drive business growth, productivity and success. To learn more, please visit: https://www.nyriad.io/ and follow Nyriad on TwitterLinkedIn, and Facebook.


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