ImmutaVault: an efficient and cost-effective answer to isolated recovery environments

RackTop’s cyber vaulting technology is an efficient and cost-effective alternative to building complex isolated recovery environments 

An isolated recovery environment (IRE) is a secure environment that leverages network and systems isolation for the purpose of protecting an immutable copy of critical data in order to recover after a ransomware or cyber attack. IREs require duplication of expensive architecture, air gaps to prevent automatic data flow, and result in a 2-4x data bloat (dependent on the vendor’s solution).  

To understand the business value of an IRE to your organization, you must first ask the question – what are we specifically solving for with this level of complexity? The answer should be to guarantee preservation of data integrity through the recovery process. In other words, you don’t want to invest in these resources to recover manipulated data, have data manipulated in the recovery process, or restore good data into an environment which may still be under attack.  

Introducing the virtual airgap with ImmutaVault

RackTop’s ImmutaVault™ patent-pending virtual air gap technology allows you to achieve equivalent protection to cumbersome IREs at a fraction of the complexity and cost – and without data bloat. ImmutaVault does not require physically disconnected systems to achieve air-gapped results, which allows for fast data ingress/egress and quick recovery. And there is no compromise when it comes to security. ImmutaVaults are isolated from the host and can be virtually exposed into any isolated recovery environment via on-demand dedicated private enclaves. ImmutaVault runs on prem or in the cloud, and is an embedded feature of BrickStor SP. Whether you are using RackTop as your primary file platform, or just leveraging ImmutaVault to ingest data from 3rd party systems (like your existing NAS, OneDrive, SharePoint, etc.), you can more efficiently and cost effectively achieve the desired business result of an IRE in any environment. 

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