Cyber Relief Program

Revolutionize the way your organization protects and monitors data with Active Defense

Run BrickStor Security Platform on your existing hardware to immediately improve data security by defending against ransomware and data breaches.

Timing is everything

Organizations that are using legacy network attached storage (NAS) or Windows and Linux servers for file shares are particularly vulnerable ransomware targets.

BrickStor SP's active defense capabilities can stop ransomware attacks before they encrypt your data to create cyber resilient IT infrastructure. Integrated reporting makes it easy to discover overexposed, stale, or stranded data. In the wake of widespread breaches and attacks, like the SUNBURST incident, organizations can better understand if they have been breached and understand what data has been compromised.

RackTop’s Cyber Relief Program enables state and local organizations to quickly implement a data centric zero trust architecture to protect their most sensitive data.

Take advantage of this program to experience all the features of BrickStor SP in your organization's environment with production data. A BrickStor SP VM takes 15 minutes to install so you can put an end to downtime and actively defend your data from cyber attacks.

Program details

  • Ransomware protection 
  • User Behavior Auditing and Analysis 
  • Policy-based data protection with immutable snapshots and replication
  • Self-healing architecture with end-to-end data encryption 
  • AES-256 encryption with built-in Key Management Service (KMIP-compliant) 
  • Built-in compliance reports 
  • NFS and SMB file protocols 
  • Integration with Active Directory and LDAP 
  • VSS compliant file restore
  • Guided installation assistance and training 
  • Full featured BrickStor SP subscription 
  • Up to 380TBs of data storage capacity per VM and as many VMs as you need
  • TDM capacity license to manage data on S3 or other NFS storage 
  • Replication and disaster recovery 
  • Deployment environment with 4vCPU/16GB+ 100GB for OS and data storage capacity 
  • Can deploy on premises or in cloud (ESX, Hyper-V, KVM, Nutanix/AWS, Azure, VMware Cloud)

The program is open to qualified organizations and may be discontinued at any time. Qualified organizations are defined as organizations that are part of state and local government within a US State or territory. Public schools and public higher education institutions are considered qualified organizations.


  • Must commit to a paid subscription following the free subscription term; a minimum of 1-year or double the free subscription period, whichever is longer
  • Customer agrees to share their experience in a written or video case study within 90-days
  • Customer will approve logo usage in marketing materials
  • Free and paid subscriptions are subject to our standard Terms and Conditions 

Deploy VM’s on existing infrastructure or in the cloud with a free special program for US state and local government organizations.


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