Data Security For R&D Laboratories

Active Data Security for Files

Risk Management Framework (RMF) Compliant Out of the Box

  • Zero Trust protection down to the file to protect your most sensitive data
  • Reduce infrastructure costs, total cost of ownership, and risk
  • Leverage RackTop on existing storage to increase security and meet compliance requirements
  • Prevent your data from being stolen or attacked by ransomware, advanced persistent threats, or malicious insiders

Insider Threat Detection

Actively defend your data

No matter what type of breach, insider threat or outside attack, BrickStor SP will actively defend your data from exposure and spillage.

  • Identify irregular behavior in real-time
  • Freeze and isolate the affected accounts
  • Recover and continue providing critical services
  • Restore and report on the incident
RMF Resource
Compliance requires controls, continuous monitoring, enforcement, and evidence. BrickStor maps to all relevant areas of RMF.
Customer Case Study
See why the Washington University Biomedical Mass Spectrometry Resource chose BrickStor to manage its data.
Insider Threats Webinar
Detect and identify unusual behavior - intervene before your IP has been compromised.