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Margarita Madness Mixology with HPE, Anexinet, and RackTop

Win the Data Security Bracket with HPE, Anexinet & RackTop! Did you know MOST ransomware attacks target unstructured datasets on network shares, making centralized file storage solutions an attractive target for encryption and/or data exfiltration of large amounts of data? Cyber storage solutions structure datasets and deliver a variety of capabilities to identify, protect, detect, […]

Cyberstorage Webinar

Learn how to stop ransomware attacks at the heart of your enterprise and increase uptime and performance. About this event The cybersecurity experts at RackTop Systems have teamed up with the data storage pros at IBM to empower IT organizations to actively defend their critical data. Cyberstorage by RackTop & IBM automatically detects and prevents […]

Webinar: Cyberstorage Solutions from RackTop and IBM

Cyber security is top of mind for all organizations. The question of a cyber-attack occurring is no longer if, but when. Is your data protected from ransomware, and can you recover quickly if you were attacked? Racktop Systems has a transformative approach to data-centric, zero trust security. RackTop's solution, BrickStor SP, can also function as […]

Webinar: How to protect medical imaging from ransomware with Merative and RackTop

Join RackTop and Merative for an upcoming webinar and learn how to protect medical imaging from ransomware. Register In a recent survey, 66% of healthcare organizations reported they were hit by ransomware in 2021, up from 34% in 2020.*  What steps can healthcare organizations take to protect their medical imaging data from ransomware and other […]


Securing Your Data: Strategies, Misconceptions, and Preparatory Actions

In this engaging webinar designed for executives and practitioners, we delve into the critical realm of data security. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the following key areas: 1. Initial Attack Vectors: We explore the most frequent entry points for data breaches. By understanding these attack vectors, you’ll be better equipped to safeguard your organization’s […]