GigaOm Sonar Report: RackTop Named Leader for
File-Based Primary Storage Ransomware Protection

See why RackTop was judged to be “one of the most comprehensive and secure offerings for file storage solutions, with a very broad spectrum of features for ransomware protection.”

The first line of defense in NAS ransomware protection

RackTop was positioned by GigaOm as the top innovator in the report and was top rated for “a very fast time to value without compromising on the breadth of the solution.”

“RackTop provides a no-compromise approach to ransomware protection with a strong zero-trust foundation and a feature set that will continue to deliver long-term value to organizations.” Enrico Signoretti 

Learn how to identify the key characteristics for evaluating enterprise adoption including: architecture, proactive identification, mitigation and recovery, management, and licensing. 

Read the report for vendor rankings, key insights and differentiating features of RackTop’s Cyberstorage solution, including: 

  • Detection and prevention of cyber attacks before they impact business 
  • Data security elevated by performance, security, and compliance  
  • Active security architecture following zero trust principles to protect data 
  • A single UI to control storage appliances, forecast future utilization, review data compliance, and manage on-premises and cloud resources  

BrickStor SP is available as a complete package, it’s delivered as an appliance or as a VM to provide flexibility and the ability to utilize the solution at the edge.

Source: GigaOm, Sonar Report for File-Based Primary Storage Ransomware Protection, Max Mortillaro, Arjan Timmerman, 7 September 2022