Ransomware Recovery

Defend, Detect, and Protect from a Single Platform

Attacks are inevitable, but a cyber resilient infrastructure is within reach. RackTop’s CyberConverged data security platform enables our customers to quickly recover from ransomware attacks and other data breaches.

  • Simplified training for staff
  • Reduce demands on management resources
  • Quickly respond and report

How is Our Solution Different?

  • Data stored on the system is inherently secured with always-on protection policies
  • Immutable snapshots are protected from ransomware attacks and unintended changes
  • Definitively identify compromised accounts, malicious behavior, and insider threats to prevent reinfection and further spread

Webinar: Zero Trust – Protecting Data at the Source

Learn how RackTop delivers zero trust security protections to defend against ransomware and insider threats

Active Defense for Ransomware

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