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Predicts 2023: Zero Trust Moves Past Marketing Hype Into Reality

There's more to zero trust than ZTNA. Develop an understanding of why you should adopt a data-centric zero trust architecture as part of your cyber security posture.

Data is every organization's most critical asset

The report recognizes that organizations must “implement zero trust to improve risk mitigation for the most critical assets first, as this is where the greatest return on risk mitigation will occur.”

Zero trust can be applied as a mindset or paradigm, strategy or implementation of specific architectures and technologies 

Implement Proactive Cyber Defense Strategies

According to Gartner, “zero trust is top of mind for most organizations as a critical strategy to reduce risk in their environments, but very few organizations have completed the scope of their zero-trust implementations.” 

Focus on your organization’s goals and objectives, get past the marketing buzz by taking action to improve risk mitigation; compliment your plan with preventative security strategies like building a cyber resilient infrastructure.

Key Takeaways

  1. Implement zero trust to reduce risk for the most critical assets first 
  2. Compliment zero trust with preventative security strategies like cyber resilience 
  3. Refer to the CISA maturity model and others to tailor your organization’s own maturity model to your organization’s goals and objectives 

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Gartner, Predicts 2023: Zero Trust Moves Past Marketing Hype to Reality, 6 December 2022, John Watts, et. Al.

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