Why VDI? And Why It’s Easier Than Ever to Implement

Everything you’ve read is telling you that Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is the way to go. But there are still some nagging doubts that keep you – or your CTO – from getting on board. It’s time to set the record straight on VDI: why you should be using it – and why you can’t afford NOT to.

  1. It’s more secure than traditional desktops.

VDI is more secure because the data that’s in operation within the desktop environment does not actually reside on the end-user device. By centralizing the data on that virtual desktop and the services nearby, you create a smaller area that you have to protect –versus ALL of the laptops and desktops that could be running ad hoc.

  1. Patching is easier.

Anytime a new vulnerability appears, VDI allows a single patch to be deployed across the enterprise. And if you happen to be infected with a virus or a worm, it’s much easier to roll back and remediate it with VDI.

  1. There’s a fully-scalable, drop-in ready solution to implement it. (Finally!)

It’s called vBOX – and it’s the simplest and highest performing way to implement VDI Unlike other VDI solutions, RackTop’s vBOX arrives ready to go, without costly upgrades to your existing SAN. You’ll get improved user productivity with super fast boot times and the power of VMware Horizon View or Citrix XenDesktop. And when you need to add more users, just add another vBOX.

  1. You’ll save money. Yes, really.

VDI is proven to have a lower total cost of ownership. In addition to the savings of not having to upgrade your existing SAN, vBOX saves you countless staff hours needed to support your existing (and probably less intuitive) system.

  1. You can implement it faster than you think.

VDI is often difficult to deploy, with some solutions taking up to 18-months to implement. Who has time for that? With vBOX you can start rolling out VDI to hundreds of users faster than installing a traditional desktop.

There you have it: better security, simpler patches, and a new high-performing, cost-effective solution that you can implement in about a day. Sounds like VDI with vBOX is a smart business decision.

Ready to imagine what vBOX could look like in your data center? Contact RackTop to find out how we can help you get the most out of VDI. (Ask us about our FREE lifetime training for all of our solutions.)