Secure Storage with RackTop
and Western Digital

A cost-effective security strategy to address performance and capacity needs

High Performance Storage

High performance NAS (all flash & hybrid tiers)
Optimized client protocols (NFS, SMB) with encryption
Storage self-optimizes to a dynamic set of workloads
High IOPS with low latency & high throughput
Massive scalability

Data Management

Policy-based data management & storage optimization
Simplified performance management and system configuration
Transparent Data Movement (TDM) for economical data tiering to NFS and S3 Object Storage
Simplified Privileged Access Management (PAM)
Share the same data via SMB and NFS

Security and Compliance

FIPS 140-2 Validated AES-256 encryption
Automatic protection and resiliency against ransomware
Data exposure and risk reporting
Granular access controls
User behavior auditing & activity analysis

Air Gap Data Protection

An automated air gap architecture is the most secure and scalable solution to protect your most critical data at scale. Prevent long-term data reliability issues like bit rot and file corruption. And stay safe from the hardest to detect cyber attacks including insider threats, Remote Access Trojans, as well as ransomware encryption and data exfiltration.

Zero Trust: Protect Data at the Source

A zero trust approach will improve data security and reduce complexity. This model can be leveraged by a project or organization of any size and ensures continuous compliance with guidelines such as the RMF and CMMC.